Scientists have a problem. Well, a couple of problems…

portrait4The first is that, while being a scientist is an amazing experience full of wonder and learning, it’s also a hard job that requires a huge diversity of skills – most people don’t know this. The second is that science funding is getting harder to secure – like, 4-times harder since the 1950s. The third is that the world’s changing and people are scared – they don’t really want to listen to scientists.

wilkinglab00014As a former scientist, I’m only too aware of how tricky this can make getting through a day as a scientist – let alone a year. In 2015, I left academia (one never really leaves science or stops being a ‘scientist’) and started Tenure Chasers. Now, I help young academics improve (or start) their communication, establish their niche and manage their growing legacy.

wesner_lab-50A critical part of that process is providing high-quality imagery to clients. That means visiting labs and joining expeditions to capture science in progress. For me, it’s a beautiful combination of scientific rigour and photographic creativity that keeps me talking to interesting people, about interesting things, in interesting places.

BeFunky Collage 2-2


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